“J has been one of our most proactive and committed volunteers since arriving here. Working with J has been an absolute delight, whether it has been at Dore Alley, Folsom Street Fair or recently at the Front Desk. In the short time that J has been here, they have already become so integrated in the programs that we have here at the Center. I am thrilled to continue to work with J now that they are a part of our Front Desk team because of their cheery disposition and commitment to communication is a breath of fresh air.” - Felipe Flores, Community Programs Coordinator

Interview with Volunteer of the Month - J:

  • The Center: What do you love about volunteering?
  • J:That in my own little way I am helping a cause that is so worth working for. This work and the work I do for Centre-benefiting events (Folsom Fair, Dorey Alley, Real Bad etc) realises my humanity. It's karmic.
  • The Center: What is most memorable to you about your time at the Center?
  • J:The awesome people I have met and conversations I have had. And many more to come. And this is the only place where I have been part of Security at two big events. I never thought I would be security.
  • The Center: Why should others volunteer with the Center?
  • J: Because it heals you by all the karmic goodness you do. Giving is very very powerful. Try it! And you find such amazing resources for your own self that you get to know only when you are here- the amazing spaces I have found for transgender community is mind-blowing . And also Felipe, James , Jared and Mike are So helpful. Everyone is so positive here.
  • The Center: Thanks J, so much for volunteering with us. I think your story will inspire other people to give back.

    If you are interested in volunteer at the Center, please send us an email at volunteer@sfcenter.org or call 415-865-5664

    Month of Award: