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Welcome to the website of Gaylesta; LGBTQ Psychotherapy Association. We provide mental health services including therapist referrals, education and consultation. Our members offer a wide range of specializations, allowing us to serve as a unique resource both the LGBTQ communities and to other service providers.
Mission Neighborhood Health Center is committed to compassionate, culturally competent and comprehensive health care services. We strive to provide services for the medically underserved with a focus on the Latino/Hispanic Spanish speaking community and its neighbors.
"LGBTQI people seeking therapeutic services deserve to be treated by clinicians that understand the very particular struggles and unique set of problems our community faces."

HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Counseling and Testing
Peer Counseling and Psychotherapy

Works to end the human rights
abuses committed against

Finding a good job in the Bay Area is hard enough, even without the additional challenges our community faces. That’s why we created the Transgender Employment Program (TEEI). TEEI is the nation’s first program designed to help us find – and keep – good jobs in safe workplaces.

Provides legal leadership in the fight for women's equality. Brings lawsuits to achieve economic security for low income women, remove the double discrimination against women of color and expand options for immigrant women. Counsels callers around the country about their legal rights, and advocates legislative and administrative remedies. Toll-free, multi-lingual Advice and Counseling Hotline for women and girls seeking answers to their questions about discrimination they have experienced in the workplace or at school.


415-621-0672 (Office)


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