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The Alice B. Toklas Memorial Democratic Club of San Francisco was the first registered Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Democratic Club in the nation. Forming only two years after the Stonewall riots in the infancy of the LGBT civil rights movement, Alice grew to become a vibrant organization that has made a profound impact on San Francisco, California and American politics. Alice made its impact by training activists over four decades to become political professionals and electing candidates that have fought for the issues that are important to the LGBT community. The club has been instrumental in growing new leaders who would rise to the highest levels of government in the nation, such as Dianne Feinstein, an early friend of the club. Alice has been critical to the fight for LGBT leaders to win office, such as Mark Leno, the first gay man elected to the California State Senate. These leaders have helped make San Francisco the epicenter of the LGBT political movement, advancing causes such as equal benefits, domestic partnership, transgender health care, and marriage equality. Alice continues to be a major player in local, state and national politics and remains an inspiring and effective organization to this day.
QuickTricks Bridge Club is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League and offers games and classes open to all. The Club is located in Ellard Hall, which is entered through a gate alongside Most Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, on the south-west corner of Diamond Street, at 18th Street, in San Francisco, California. Open and 299'er games start on Mondays at 6:45 p.m.
Our Story... SF Games is a collective name for a group of people who get together and play board games and card games every week. We're not sponsored by any cafe or games company. Some of us have been playing games for years, others only a few months. What we share is our love of games, all kinds. We play social games and strategy games. Per their website
Established in 1983, Foggy City Dancers is one of seven gay and lesbian square dance clubs within the San Francisco Bay Area. In August, 2003, Foggy City celebrated its 20th anniversary with a weekend of square dancing that brought people from all over the United States. Per their website
Queer Jitterbugs Queer Ballroom runs Swing U with free dance for youth. We are an all volunteer run non profit organization funded by benefit events, dances & festivals discounted to adult members. Our Monthly dance & our other events are current and running strong on 4th Saturday of the month mixed event as mixed event: by our sister organization Swing U. Our dance studio and troupe is in hiatus.
Welcome to the wonderful world of same-sex dancing. Bring your love of dancing, and we will give you the tools you need to feel confident flying around the floor. Dancing with the Queers is a same-sex dance program focusing on International Style Ballroom and Latin dance which is perfect for the Gay Games. All are welcome who are comfortable dancing with partners of any gender. Our teachers also teach many other dance forms as well. Feel free to browse the different classes on our website. Per their website
The purpose of San Francisco Walking Dykes group is: to build community for lesbians in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area while promoting health and wellness. Walking together provides a relaxed way to meet one another and also have fun while doing something healthy! Lesbians of all ages and walking ability are invited, though most members of the group are over 50. The group meets "rain or shine" so the size of the group varies from week to week depending upon the weather, though generally, between 5-10 walkers show up each time. Children who can walk with adults or are in strollers are welcome. Dogs are welcome too! The purpose of the group is to promote positive social activities for lesbians in San Francisco, however, lesbians from everywhere are welcome to walk with us! The group organizer is there every week with few exceptions. Per their webpage
The San Francisco Hiking Club organizes hikes and similar outings for gays, lesbians, and friends. An event is generally planned on either Saturday or Sunday each weekend. Most often, we meet in mid-morning on the patio under the large Safeway sign on Market Street near Dolores Street; however be sure to check hike information as this is not always the case. Per their website
We are the first running club in the nation to promote the sports of running, walking, and related athletic activities for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community and our supporters. Our club, founded in 1973, has spawned a worldwide network of clubs in the form of the International FrontRunners. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about SF FrontRunners. The best way to see what we're all about is to come to an event or regular run/walk and see first-hand what our club can be for you and others. Per their website
Our Mission We inspire, entertain and amaze audiences through powerful performances, challenging others to be their best, and supporting organizations that strengthen our communities. Since 1980, CHEER San Francisco®, the Official Cheerleaders of San Francisco, has been thrilling crowds locally, nationally and internationally with its unique brand of high-energy routines. This all-volunteer group is dedicated not only to providing polished professional entertainment, but also to the philanthropic mission of the squad, serving as true ambassadors of good will to the communities in which they perform. Per their website.


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