Financial Services

Achieving financial security and building assets can be a real challenge, which is why the Center is dedicated to supporting the LGBT and allied community in the practice of thoughtful money management. We believe that the fundamental success for LGBT individuals and families lies in maintaining a strong financial health and having access to the mainstream financial system. The Center offers a variety of financial services, programs and workshops throughout the year that provide valuable information and resources to support our community in setting and achieving financial goals.

The Center’s homeownership series is extremely popular!  Workshops are conducted once per month, and registration for the following month is made available on the last working day of the month.  If you would like to secure a spot in next month’s workshops, we recommend coming back to this page on the last working day of the month.  We do not maintain any sort of waitlist- we apologize for any inconvenience.  If you would like to try to register for a workshop sooner please visit to find another agency.

The Center offers supports for LGBT people and our allies to develop financial security whether its starting a new job, building a business, gearing up to buy a first home or are navigating changes in career or life goals. The first step in this process is taking our financial capability classes, which cover all the basics, including an in-depth overview of the topic area, introduction of financial resources and practical tools to incorporate afterwards. Classes are generally held on weeknights once a month, and you can RSVP through the links below: