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A special 6 hour work shop to prepare our community for upcoming BMR purchase opportunities!

(San Francisco, May 5, 2015)--At the Center we believe that creating and maintaining affordable housing is an essential part of supporting San Francisco’s vibrant and diverse LGBT communities. That’s why we are so excited about the construction happening right now at 1400 Mission Street which will provide 167 units of below market rate (BMR) housing for purchase. If you have been considering buying a home but are having a hard time finding anything affordable in the tough San Francisco real estate market this could be your opportunity.

Learn about the homebuying process, how to select a mortgage and what resources are available to first time homebuyers in SF.

Credit and debt are topics that tend to provoke anxiety because many people don't understand how credit works, the link between credit and debt and how each impacts our opportunities to borrow money, buy a car or even have a cell phone. In this workshop we will help you understand the origins of credit, show you ways to establish or repair your credit history, demystify the way loans work and charge interest and teach you responsible ways to borrow money.

This panel will focus on planning for financial wellness for seniors.  The topics addressed will include savings and financial planning, including challenges faced by living on a fixed income.

Get a good loan. 

Build credit. 

Create community.

You can do all of this by partipating in our Lending Circles Program. Whether you need it to pay down debt, rebuild credit from a bankruptcy, put a down payment on a car or establish credit to secure a home loan, participating in a lending circle can help. Lending Circles is an innovative peer-to-peer lending program for people to establish, build and repair their credit, and secure a no cost, no interest loan.


Lending Circles Orientation

An overview of our innovative peer-to-peer lending program. The Lending Circles program helps participants to establish, build and repair credit, and secure a no fee, no interest loan. There is no minimum credit score to participate.

Thurs, 7:00-8:00pm

Jan 17th, Feb 7th, and March 14th





Learn the steps of the homebuying process, how to select a mortgage and what resources are available to first time homebuyers in SF. 

Sat, Jan 19th from 10 am - 2pm






Discover the ins and outs of credit, gets tips for improving your credit score and learn best practices for borrowing money.

Wed, Jan 16th from 6:30-8:30pm





Learn how to manage your money, cut expenses and write a budget you can stick to.  

Tues, Jan 15th from 6:30-8:30pm

For more info, or to register email



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