Victor Vargas

"Working with Victor has been incredible. Victor came to us wanting to support the Center looking to see how he could support our mission. He had experience throwing fundraisers for other nonprofits and wanted to help the Center build its resources to further serve our community. He got involved over a year ago helping out at Soiree. Since then, he has developed events for the Center such as a house party for Soiree and more recently threw a fashion and philanthropy event that raised over $2,400 for the Center. He really has been a champion of the Center to help us connect to people we didn't previously know."- Roberto Ordenana, Director of Development

Interview with Volunteer of the Month - Victor:

Photo by Drew Altizer

  • The Center:What is most memorable to you about your time at the Center?
  • Victor:The Center is a beacon of hope in the lives of so many LGBT people at their biggest time of need. It brings me great comfort to know that LGBT teenagers and adults in difficult circumstances can turn to The Center for relief, help out of a crisis, and kindred spirits.
  • The Center:Why should others volunteer with the Center?
  • Victor:Because as members of the LGBT community, supporting our brethren should be at the top of our list. It's a chance to positively impact the future of hundreds if not thousands of our fellow LGBT brothers and sisters.
  • The Center:What about the Center inspires you?
  • Victor:The Center inspires me because I believe it is the place where we can shape the future of our community.
  • The Center: Thanks Victor, so much for volunteering with us. I think your story will inspire other people to give back. We want to invite all volunteers to get involved in Soiree 2015. Some easy ways to get involved is by: buying a ticket, donating to our silent auction, or volunteering (details coming soon!).

    If you are interested in volunteer at the Center, please send us an email at or call 415-865-5664