Kim Chatham

“Kim has been a light at the Center since her first day here. Not only is she personable and knowledgeable in regards to LGBT resources in the city; she has a heart for this community – which is apparent every time she is here. I’m honored to recognize Kim as our July Volunteer of the Month. Keep it up!”

- Michelle Wright

Community Programs Coordinator

Center: You are involved with our Information & Referral program; what inspires you to continue volunteering with the Center?

KC: I continue volunteering with the Center because I feel good knowing I am able to contribute to my community in a way that matters.


Center: How has working at the Center challenged you personally?

KC: You never know what a person may have gone through before they talked to you or what they will go through in the future. Volunteering here has reminded me about the importance of being patient, understanding, and perseverant.


Center: Is there a memory that sticks out in the time that you’ve been volunteering with the Center?

KC: A real standout memory was actually the first day I came to the Center for training with another volunteer-based organization. After experiencing the welcoming people and atmosphere, I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of and have been coming back ever since.