Jeneva Ray

Volunteer of the Month

Jeneva Ray

“Jeneva arrived at the Center after having shortly moved to San Francisco. Initially getting involved with the Trans* Employment Program (TEEI), Jeneva showed a refreshing “go-getter” attitude, along with a welcoming and sincere smile.

Shortly after joining the Trans* Employment Program, it became clear that Jeneva was not solely interested in her own wellbeing, but also in the wellbeing of her community members. While looking for employment, Jeneva began to take initiative in other areas of the community center. Most notably, Jeneva began volunteering with Information & Referral (I&R) at the Front Desk. A seemingly straight-forward position, the I&R Desk acts as the frontlines of the issues facing the LGBT Community in San Francisco.

It wasn’t long before Jeneva began to volunteer their time with other TEEI related events, most recently with the premier Trans* Coding Program, TranscodeSF: Co-Working Space and Study Group, as well as, the monthly Trans* & LGBQI Peer Mentoring Mixer.

A dedicate community member, always willing to lend a helping hand, with their eye ever set on the larger picture, Jeneva is more than a volunteer at the Center, they are a life saver.”

Thanks Jeneva, so much for volunteering with us.

If you are interested in volunteer at the Center, please send us an email at or call 415-865-5664

Month of Award: 
July 2014