Jacky Chu

"Working with Jacky is an absolute pleasure. He brings a level of professionalism, understanding, and adaptability well beyond his age and gives me hope for our future generations. He’s been an integral part of our Information & Referral Specialists team and it is a continued joy having him volunteer with us at the Center. "- Felipe Flores, Community Programs Coordinator

Interview with Volunteer of the Month - Jacky:

  • The Center: What is most memorable to you about your time at the Center?
  • Jacky: The most memorable experiences at the Center to me are forming bonds with so many knowledgeable people and learning from them. Through talking not only to people who come in the Center seeking help but also to the Center’s staff, I have met amazing people who have given me valuable insight about the world. In the future when I look back on volunteering at the Center, I will remember the different stories that I heard from those who requested resources, the life advice that the Center's staff and volunteers have given me, and how the Center has positively impacted my life..
  • The Center: Why should others volunteer with the Center?
  • Jacky: What makes the Center so special and different to me from other volunteering I have done is that it gives me the opportunity to directly interact with and help people, a truly eye-opening experience that I would not have elsewhere. Furthermore, the supportive staff, the unique visitors, the sometimes dramatic situations, the condom tray, the pink binder—all are part of the Center that has taught and continues to teach me about my community and myself more than another other place has. Volunteering at the Center would be an enriching experience to anyone who has even the slightest interest in contributing to or learning more about the LGBT community.
  • The Center: How has volunteering at the Center affected your life?
  • Jacky: Volunteering at the Center has tremendously affected my life, and I believe that it will continue to do so in the future. On the day of my volunteer orientation, I remember being hesitant to enter the Center, so I circled around the block and finally mustered up the courage to open the doors. I had thought that entering the doors would mean declaring my sexuality to everyone, and at that time, I was not too comfortable with who I was. However, after months of opening the doors, volunteering at the front desk, and talking to many different people, I have learned that my sexuality does not define me and that I should embrace my own identity. In this mindset, I have been inspired to be proud of who I am and to pursue other LGBT-related community services in order to continually discover and learn about myself.
  • The Center: Thank you Jacky, so much for volunteering with us. I think your story will inspire other people to give back. Join Jacky and other volunteers this October 29th, 2015, for our Volunteer Appreciation Party: Nightmare on Market Street, where we will be honoring the hard work of our volunteers.

    If you are interested in volunteering at the Center, please send us an email at volunteer@sfcenter.org or call 415-865-5661

  • Month of Award: 
    September 2015