I met a lot of good people

“Chris Lyons has proved to be an invaluable part of the Center during his time here. While assisting Development with the Soiree and T.E.E.I with outreach, Chris also reached out to the Youth Program to see what he could do for us. While working with Chris, the first thing that stood out to me was his determination and passion. Chris has helped the Youth Program in promoting our programs while also serving as a liaison for young people seeking employment services here at the Center. I am extremely grateful to him for choosing to spend his time here with us and sharing his positive energy.”
- Hajra Khan
Youth Program Coordinator

Center: You are involved as a Center Intern, so you help out with several different departments; what inspired you to volunteer with the Center?
CL: I came back to volunteer at the San Francisco LGBT Center because I value being a part of my community!

Center: How has working at the Center challenged you personally?
CL: Working at the LGBT Center has challenged me personally showing me that through thick and line I must stay on my own path. I can endure.

Center: Is there a memory that sticks out in the time that you’ve been volunteering with the Center?
CL: One o f the favorite memories I have at the Center is the first time I came to Youth Meal Night. I met a lot of good people, and made some friends!


Month of Award: 
April 2013