Valkyrie Jacobson-Smith

Valkyrie Jacobson-Smith is the Youth Activities Coordinator for the Center’s Youth Program. They are excited to bring 11 years of experience in youth empowerment, community organizing, and event coordination to the program.

A native of Seattle, Valkyrie started their career working for LGBTQ non-profits, including Lambert House, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and the NW Network for Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse, where they served as Peer Educator. Valkyrie has continued to make LGBTQ youth advocacy a primary focus of their career through their work family and relationship coach and sex educator. Valkyrie is also a coach, helping families of all structures create and maintain open lines of communication regarding their sexuality, gender and relationship(s), and cultivating healthy connections built on mutual respect.

In their off time, you can find Valkyrie involved in local community theatre projects, blues/swing dancing, preparing for camp counseling at Camp Ten Trees, or co-hosting the Polyamory Weekly podcast!

+1 (415) 865-5555
Youth Activities Coordinator