Avery Nguyen

Avery Nguyen is TAY (Transition Aged Youth) Navigator at the Center. While having been born and raised in San Francisco, they are a budding community activist and organizer, particularly for queer and trans communities of color in the rapidly gentrifying Bay Area. Prior to joining the Center, they were Public Health and Policy Intern at a health justice intermediary non-profit before finally giving in to doing the LGBTQ community work that inspires them. They feel the most empowered in the company of their QTPOC communities, however loose or tight the connection.

In their free time, Avery practices resistance by working with queer and trans Asian/Pacific Islander community orgs, enjoys journaling, attending poetry events, and dreaming and scheming about a safer world for their beloved trans fam. 

+1 (415) 865-5555
TAY (Transition Aged Youth) Navigator