The Navigation Center

Episcopal Community Services is providing services at the Navigation Center, a pilot program located at a temporary site at 1950 Mission St., adjacent to the bustling plaza at 16th and Mission streets. It is comprised of single-story buildings with dormitory-style living quarters, shower and bathroom facilities, laundry facilities, counseling offices, and a 24-hour dining room. The Navigation Center is designed to help homeless people, many living in encampments, who have stayed out of shelters because they don’t want to be separated from a partner, friends, or even their dog, to find permanent housing. The center is open 24 hours a day, but it does not just provide an alternative spot to pitch a tent. By moving people in as a group, it is thought they will trust the process more than many do in shelters. Homeless individuals and groups will be able to get their immediate needs met and receive one-on-one counseling, with the goal of creating stability in their lives. No more than 75 people will be assisted at any one time, and three services coordinators will be on the grounds at all times. The center will connect people with social services and long-term housing or, if the individuals wish, help them access Homeward Bound, a city program that buys a bus ticket home. Episcopal Community Services is the lead service provider overseeing the center with the city’s Human Services Agency and has the support of a dozen collaborating agencies so far, including the Health Department and Project Homeless Connect. Hear stories from those at the Navigation Center here. The San Francisco Office of the Controller has created reports regarding the Navigation Center. To learn more about how the Navigation Center runs, its successes, and its performance thus far, check out the reports below!