The Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco

  • Address: 
    825 Howard Street, San Francisco California 94103
  • Phone: 
    +1 (415) 543-6222
  • Hours of Operation: 
    Monday - Thursday 9AM - 4:30PM, Friday 9AM - 4PM

The Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco’s (ILRCSF) Mission is to ensure that people with disabilities are full social and economic partners, both within their families and in a fully accessible community.

ILRCSF provides services as identified by the consumer. ILRCSF advocates for individuals who experience disability-related barriers or discrimination, and also advocates to promote needed systems and community change so people with disabilities have full access to services, physical structures, and activities. Our core services focus on assistive technology, housing, and economic empowerment. We also run weekly workshops  and support groups on a variety of topics. 

ILRCSF core values are:

  • Choice: the right of individuals and families to make informed decisions about their own lives.
  • Persons with disabilities are experts on their own needs.
  • Consumer leadership creates an accessible community.
  • Full access to and inclusion in the community for all people with disabilities means the same range of choices as the general community.
  • Universal usability means that services, housing and consumer products are designed to be used by all members of the community.