Immigration Equality

  • Address: 
    National Headquarters, 40 Exchange Place Suite 1300, New York New York 10005
  • Phone: 
    +1 (888) 403-9669
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Immigration Equality is a national organization fighting for equality under U.S. immigration law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive individuals. Founded in 1994 as the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force, Immigration Equality provides legal aid and advocacy for LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants and their families.

Immigration Equality recognizes that among the most important services we can offer to our members and constituents are timely, accurate legal information, and access to quality legal representation.

Need Help?

Immigration Equality has helped hundreds of individuals win safe haven in the United States.

If you have an emergency or very time-sensitive question (you have an immigration court date in the next few days; your partner is traveling to the U.S. in the next few days; you have an application due with USCIS in the next few days), then please call our New York office at  212-714-2904.