Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency

  • Address: 
    14895 East 14th Street, Suite 200, San Leandro California 94578-2926
  • Phone: 
    +1 (510) 343-6670
  • Hours of Operation: 
    M-F 9am - 5pm

Who We Are: Deaf, Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA), is a non-profit, community-based social service agency serving the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened and Deaf-blind (D/HH/LD/DB) community. Established in 1962 as one of the first Deaf-run agencies in the country, DCARA provides a comprehensive range of programs and services to the Deaf community living in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area of California.