Black Coalition on AIDS

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    601 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco California 94124
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    +1 (415) 615-9945
  • Hours of Operation: 
    Tuesday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Office Hours

BCA Services

Case Management/Counseling

As a trusted community organization with a long history in San Francisco’s Black community, BCA has extensive access to culturally competent resources for HIV-positive individuals. BCA's case management services ensure that people living with HIV have access to public and private benefits, housing, quality medical care and other social services and information for healthy living. BCA also offers an array of prevention and health wellness services to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues. Counseling about HIV risks and transmission is provided confidentially by health education and counseling staff at BCA. For more information, contact Phillip Watson at (415) 615-9945, ext. 108.

Community Outreach and Health Education

Community Outreach and Health Education is provided by BCA's outreach and health education team in underserved neighborhoods, such as Bayview Hunters Point, South of Market, Visitacion Valley, the Tenderloin and the Western Addition. This team is knowledgeable about health resources and services that are available for residents. If you have questions about BCA’s community outreach services, contact Francis Broome at (415) 615-9945, ext. 114.

Complementary Alternative Medicine

BCA’s Complementary Alternative Medicine includes massage, chiropractic, reflexology, light therapy, and acupuncture services provided especially for those living with chronic illness. Sessions are usually held on Saturday. For more information, contact Mark Matthews at (415) 615-9945, ext. 115.

Health Screening

BCA works with a coalition of community-based organizations that address and work to raise awareness about and prevent health disparities — ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer to HIV and other illnesses. The collaboration provides education, screening and testing for a range of health issues affecting the Black community. For more information, contact Mark Matthews at (415) 615-9945, ext. 115, or send email to

I’m Every Woman

I’m Every Woman is a program series of health and wellness community meetings targeted at African American women in San Francisco, empowering them with health-related information and resources to create a cadre of health leaders and activists. I’m Every Woman continues BCA's tradition of addressing health disparities by increasing the visibility of women in the ongoing dialogue and response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Each meeting provides a supportive and affirmative space for women to establish dialogue on how HIV/AIDS and other diseases impact their lives. Please check BCA’s calendar over the coming weeks for the next I’m Every Woman event.

Rafiki Housing

BCA's Rafiki Housing Program began in 1991 when our first transitional housing program in Bayview Hunters Point was opened. Brandy Moore House is the crown jewel of Rafiki Housing and is named in memory of co-founder William “Brandy” Moore, a staunch advocate for fair housing and HIV/AIDS prevention for San Francisco’s Black community. This 11-bed transitional house provides a comforting, supportive and empowering program model to residents dealing with HIV/AIDS, homelessness, substance abuse, and/or mental health concerns. For more information, contact Javarre Wilson at (415) 615-9945, ext. 113.

Rafiki Wellness

In the Swahili language, Rafiki means friend. Rafiki Wellness is a friend in the San Francisco African American community that represents health, healing and wholeness. Rafiki Wellness provides an environment that affirms our wholeness and health as a culture and supports us in mind, body and spirit. Rafiki Wellness offers moderate exercise classes, nutritional classes, health workshops, grief workshops and more. In total, Rafiki Wellness is a movement in San Francisco targeted towards good health in the Black community. For more information, contact Mark Matthews at (415) 615-9945, ext. 115, or send email to

Rafiki Wellness Passport Program

BCA's 90-day Rafiki Wellness Passport Program engages 50 individuals in health activities while screening for chronic health conditions. The Program's goal is to maintain optimal health, manage chronic health conditions and instill lasting behavioral change. It includes: biomarker monitoring over 90 days — blood pressure, glucose, weight and cholesterol; health education classes, nutrition and food demonstration workshops; exercise and activity classes; goal setting assisted by a health coach; health monitoring; ongoing health maintenance support; and mental health support activities. For more information, contact Sandi Cupit at (415) 615-9945, ext. 101.

Real Talk

This weekly drop-in support group is for people looking to identify viable solutions to life challenges including HIV, substance use, sex, relationships, isolation, health, grief, loss and other concerns. Real Talk welcomes people from diverse racial, ethnic, sexual orientations and experiences. Meetings are held on Wednesdays 12 noon – 2 p.m. Brunch is provided. For session dates or more information, contact Francis Broome at (415) 615-9945, ext. 114.