Berkeley Free Clinic-STD

  • Address: 
    2339 Durant Ave, Berkeley California 94704
  • Phone: 
    +1 (510) 548-2570
  • Hours of Operation: 
    Sexually Transmitted Infection and rapid HIV tests are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of every week from 7PM - 9PM, by appointment only. Please Call at 5:45 to schedule an appointment. Anonymous drop in: Saturdays from 3pm - 5pm.

The Gay Men's Health Collective of the Berkeley Free Clinic provides STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) testing and treatment for all men, regardless of sexual orientation.

A routine exam includes the following:

  • Blood test for syphilis
  • Physical exam for bumps or lesions you may not have noticed
  • Checking your urine for signs of infection
  • Education about safer sex and STIs, including HIV

In addition, we can provide:

  • Tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in the throat and rectum
  • Tests for Herpes if sores are present
  • Diagnosis and treatment for genital or anal warts if they are present
  • We provide treatment for men with known contact with gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis or Trichomonas vaginalis. Please note, we must repeat tests for STDs that have been diagnosed elsewhere.