AIDS Financial Services

AFS’ Money Management and Representative Payee program focuses on one aspect of the intensive services needed to create a stable living environment—financial management. To accomplish this, AFS:

  • Provides the money management and representative payee services that ensure its clients’ rent will be paid both promptly and accurately.
  • Establishes relationships with landlords who, because of a guaranteed rent payment, will open an impossibly small housing market to clients whose previous difficulty managing their money made obtaining and maintaining housing  nearly impossible.
  • Provides support to clients to help them manage prudently whatever remaining funds they have after their rent is paid.

Eligibility: • San Francisco resident. • Low-income. • HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis. Registration: Walk-in or call 415-581-0891 ext.105. Fees: Free. Waiting Period: None. Primary Services: Offers Representative Payee and Money Management services, including budget planning, payment of rent, payment of bills, advocacy with landlords, rental properties and other supportive service providers.