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TWMC is a multidisciplinary primary care clinic run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. They have nutritional, mental health, pharmaceutical, and social services, and work closely with community organizations. They also have a specific transgender clinic. Provides medical, psychosocial, substance abuse, counseling and outreach services. Offers medical care, case management, mental health care, social work and outreach services to homeless individuals in the streets, shelters, hotels, treatment centers and multi-service centers. Provides mental health assessment, counseling, therapy, referrals and psychiatric supervision. Advocates on behalf of homeless individuals. Also provides assistance in applying for General Assistance and SSI.
Transgender Law Center celebrates the introduction of a resolution authored by Supervisor Scott Weiner that urges the Department of Public Health to remove transgender exclusions from the Healthy San Francisco (Healthy SF) health access program. Healthy SF currently excludes transgender patients from accessing medically necessary transition-related care that is available to non-transgender patients.

Primary Services: • Provides primary care health services for all ages including: primary care, walk-in, HIV, and women’s clinic; confidential HIV testing/counseling; TB and pregnancy testing; hypertension screening; immunizations, seasonal flu shots; and annual physicals. • Offers health education, nutrition counseling, public health nursing, ADAP enrollment and free acupuncture (for HIV positive or MediCal patients only) and herbal medicine (call for appointment).

No one should have to suffer or die alone. Maitri provides compassionate residential care to men and women in need of hospice or 24-hour care and cultivates the deepest respect and love for life among its residents and caregivers. At Maitri, we strive to provide the type of care that each of us would like to receive at the end of our lives – care that is dignified, non-judgmental, unconditional. We hold dear the principle that each resident has the right to determine the degree of choice and awareness with which to experience life and death.
Our program provides low-income or homeless HIV+ persons with money management and representative payee services that help them regain the financial stability necessary to find and maintain adequate housing.
Lyon-Martin Health Services provides excellent health care to women, lesbians and transgender people in a safe and compassionate environment, with sensitivity to sexual orientation and gender identity; all services are regardless of ability to pay.

Primary Services: Operates a skilled nursing care facility, including a small general service inpatient acute medical unit specializing in geriatric care, and an independent rehabilitation center with both inpatient and outpatient services.

• Provides skilled nursing care and hospice care for individuals with dementia and individuals with terminal illnesses including AIDS who do not require the services of an acute care hospital.

• Provides home evaluations for rehabilitation patients to determine in-home equipment needs.

Operates a community based adolescent health clinic, which provides comprehensive health services. Provides primary care services include family planning, pregnancy testing and choice counseling; sexually transmitted disease care; management of chronic health problems; confidential HIV testing (results in 2 weeks), counseling and medical care; specialty linkage and referral. Provides case management and psychosocial services, including crisis intervention, shortand long term case management, therapy, and linkage to various services.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation's financial benefits program helps clients navigate the complex private and public benefits system, including the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), General Assistance, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid program), Medicare, CARE/HIPP, and Social Security.  Our skilled counselors provide one-on-one advocacy, assessing what benefits clients are eligible to receive, and can also assist in the application process.

Preventative Services:
Cancer screening
General Health Screening
Physical Examinations
Pre-operative evaluations
Vaccinations and Tuberculosis Screening
STD screening and treatment
Urgent Care and minor procedures
Nutrition evaluation
Homeless Care
Chronic Disease Management:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Multidisciplinary and Specialty Services
For Adults with diabetes; will soon expand to cardiovascular disease, includes:
Case Management


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