Volunteer of the Month - Sage

“A graduate of TEEI’s fall 2013 Work-It! Workshop Series, Sage is reliable, professional and extremely courteous. They are a shining example of what the Center stands for, in that, they are approachable, friendly, accommodating and community-oriented. Sage was a clear choice for Volunteer of the Month for these and so many other reasons, most notably, they’re here when you need them.

They’re assistance and helping hand in Employment Services was invaluable in aiding TEEI to serve more community members than ever before. We are grateful to have Sage as our TEEI’s volunteer!”

-Rene Soto, Employment Services Associate

Center: What do you love about volunteering?

Sage: I love that TEEI exists and I'm really happy that I'm able to be part of it. I didn't expect the amount of gratitude and love that I get from volunteers and staff.  It's a definite self-esteem boosting opportunity.  I really enjoy participating in helping others achieve their goals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.

Center: What is most memorable to you about your time at the Center?

Sage: Before moving to San Francisco, I researched TEEI and thought it would be nice to be part of the organization.  Self-doubt and insecurity made me think that I didn't have anything to offer.  I enrolled in Work-It and mentioned that I enjoyed data entry.  Fresh and Rene mentioned volunteer opportunities here.  I don't know if they realized how excited that made me.  Also I have been searching for positive role models.  Now I have several.

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