Trump: Endless Questions; Unclear Answers

Today, Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States.


What does that mean for our communities? How will the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act affect our health, reproductive, and HIV care? What will happen to millions of undocumented immigrant families living in the U.S.? What about our Muslim families, friends, and neighbors? Who will be Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court?


The questions are endless and the answers are unclear.


What we do know is that with so much uncertainly ahead, community has never been more important. We will find strength in one another without leaving anyone behind, and forge ahead on our path to full equality.


Just as you have supported our work over the 15 years since our opening, the SF LGBT Center will continue to be here to support the entire LGBTQ community. Regardless of what happens, we will continue to provide our youth with critical lifelines. We will continue to offer guidance to those being displaced by the housing crisis. We will continue to give LGBTQ jobseekers the tools they need to succeed and work with employers to create safe workplaces that value diversity. We will continue to be a safe space for all.


On the national and state levels our priorities will be to advocate for the needs of our community, mobilize our resources, be vigilant, and openly resist if the new Administration takes actions that would curtail our civil rights, or the rights of other communities.


Today we resist fear. Today we resist hate. We recommit to our continued fight for justice and to defend the incredible progress we have made. I anticipate this will be a long and hard path and know deep in my heart that community is what makes us strong and resilient and able to forge ahead. 

Contact Person: 
Rebecca Rolfe