Transcode: A Programming Group for Trans and Genderqueer Allies

Transcode: A Programming Group for Trans and Genderqueer Allies

By Diane Presler of Learn HTML by Song

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TranscodeSF provides a free web programming class that runs weekly at the San Francisco LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco. TranscodeSF is a volunteer-run organization that helps trans and gender non-conforming folks gain computer programming and software engineering skills and employment in the technology industry. All events are free and open to all trans, gender non-conforming people, and their allies.

Free Web Programming Classes at the San Francisco LGBT CenterTranscode’s mission goes beyond employment opportunities for gender-variant people. They strive to create more friendly and openminded workplaces by educating employers and providing trans networking opportunities. This is especially needed in the tech industry. I resonate with this mission because it’s important to me that the Learn HTML with Song project is as diverse as my home city of San Francisco. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Transcoder’s Wednesday night meetup.

The Transcoders were a gracious audience for my music videos that teach HTML code. I stayed for part of the class (because educators like to check out other educators) and was immediately impressed with Daphne Dorman, the technical speaker for the evening. I loved it when Daphne went to view my site code (“Oh you’re using Bootstrap”); it was a pure geek-to-geek moment. Her “7-layer burrito” presentation was a great way to explain how various front-end and back-end technologies fit together into “the burrito.” She wields a dangerous sense of humor that keeps the class interesting—perfect for a night class—no sleeping.

The TranscodeSF code classes run at the San Francisco LGBT Center every Wednesday, starting at 6:00pm. Bring your laptop or use laptops provided by the center. TranscodeSF is a partnership with the SF LGBT Center’s Trans Employment Program (TEP). The mission of TEP is educating employers as well as connecting job seekers to Trans friendly and sustainable employment. Additional TEP services at the Center include one-on-one coaching and job search support for all trans* individuals.

Contact Persephone Karnstein for information about TranscodersSF, or just show up for a 6:00 Wednesday night TranscodeSF meetup at the LGBT Center. Or if you’re a savvy coder and queer ally who wants to help out as a TA, mentor, speaker, or supporter contact Persephone or drop a line in their contact form.

TranscodeSF on Twitter:  @transcodesf

You can also contact the Trans Employment Program (TEP) for more information or check out the Transcode meetup.

Contact Person: 
Persephone Karnstein