Get a Fresh Start & Back to the Job Beat in 2013!

Get a Fresh Start & Back to the Job Beat in 2013!

By Fresh! White

The SF LGBT Community Center offers a wide range of employment services for gender non-conforming, trans*, and LGBQ identified folks. We also host the nation’s first trans* employment program (TEEI).  

According to the popular job search site, , there are over 22K jobs within 10 miles of San Francisco. What we’ve learned here at the Center's TEEI program, is that, even with so many jobs out there, competition is extremely high – you’ve got to look great in order to get in (e.g. excellent resume, cover letter,  network, etc.) and you‘ve got to look great once you’re in the interview seat (e.g. confident, sharp and polished, positive attitude). This of course, is an obvious aspect of job searching, and it adds even more to the stress when you’re gender non-conforming, trans*, and/or LBGQ. This is why we are here to help you get back into the game for 2013.

The Center’s LGBT Employment Services programs provide job search and career advancement to support people who have experienced discrimination based on their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. We offer career counseling to a diverse array of applicants and help get them connected to safe and equal workplaces. 

You deserve employment, based on your experience and skills, not your gender identity or expression.

This is why we created our Employment Services programs – to empower and mentor candidates towards focusing on how they are an asset to future employers and how their diversity is a competitive edge in the job market.

We see employment as a basic right for trans*, LGBQ individuals and supporters. The Center offers a range of services, events, and workshops tailored to support your needs, including career fairs, employer networking events, job referrals and leads, resume and cover letter labs, skill building workshops, job clubs, and tailored one-on-one career services. Check out our calendar for more information on upcoming events and workshops.

Let the Center be your partner in attaining LGBTQ friendly employment or with advancing your career in 2013! Contact us today to get a fresh start with your job search, no matter what stage you are in!

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Fresh! White

Employment Services Specialist

SF Center & TEEI

Trans* is an umbrella term which helps to identify people whose gender identity, expression or behavior varies from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. People how identify as trans*, may see themselves as, but are not limited to the following: transgender, transsexual, butch, stud, cross-dresser, androgynous, masculine-of-center, genderqueer and/or gender non-conforming.

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