Renovation Update!

We have entered the final phase of the SF LGBT Center's remodel! The paint currently being applied to the exterior gives you a sneak peek into the bold steps we are taking to provide a more welcoming home for our community and for future generations of LGBTQ people.
The exterior colors of the Center's Charles M. Holmes Campus and our Carmel Fallon Building --- turquoise and purple --- are part of a color palate meant to make a proud statement about our queer identities and celebrate the vibrant nature of our communities. The exterior colors firmly anchor the buildings to the neighborhood and serve as the gateway to the historic Castro neighborhood, while the interior colors mirror the joyful and rich intersectionality of our movement.
Our tenants --- AGUILAS, API Wellness, and Bay Area Legal Aid --- now have occupancy of the third and fourth floors. The work in the Center's lobby and David Bohnett CyberCenter continues and an updating of the administrative offices and the Youth Space is also just getting under way.
By the time the renovation is completed, we will have tripled affordable nonprofit tenant space and renovated rental meeting spaces for the entire community. We can't wait for you to see the Center!
We are immensely thankful to Jane Cee of Cee Architects for her hard work on this project. Many thanks to Gensler for providing pro bono design services and to Capital One, our financing partner. Their talent and guidance through this significant period has allowed us to continue critical programming through the entire remodel.
As we open a new and transformational chapter in the Center's history, please join us in recommitting to taking care of our entire community, especially of our most vulnerable members, on the path to full equality.
Contact Person: 
Roberto Ordenana