The Center: A home for the Holidays

Our beloved city’s houseless and homeless Queer Youth are resilient, passionate, strong, and diverse. And nothing tests that more than cold weather and missing family support during the winter season. The Center’s Youth Program hosts the annual “Homo for the Holidayz” Queer Youth party as a way to say thank you for keeping strong and connected to each other, and to resources like the Center. 

A hot meal, some good laughs, and a few giveaways may provide a brief respite from the cold, but it’s the warmth of a welcome and commitment to staying connected that the Youth Program tries to instill in everyone we serve. Being a young Queer person is not easy, and even in a progressive city like San Francisco, we can expect up to 40% of houseless and homeless youth 18-24 to identify as Queer.

During this season, many of us try to find time and ways to give back to those in need. We invite our community and allies to stay connected to our houseless and homeless Queer Youth through the Center’s Youth Program. Every year we try to provide something to our partygoers as a way to keep warm and steady; and as a reminder that they always have a welcoming place at the Center.

Be that connection- donate a new or gently used blankets, jackets, or sweaters to our Youth Program. Men’s and larger sizes are greatly encouraged.

For more info: contact  415-865-5555

We are many, and we are strong, we are here - San Francisco Houseless and Homeless Queer Youth 

Contact Person: 
Hajra K