LGBT spaces in San Francisco are disappearing.

We are losing LGBT spaces in San Francisco at an alarming rate. The recent news that several more bars and cafes are at the risk of closing, has hit our community hard. If they close, they will join other LGBT spaces that have shut down due the affordability crisis in the city. 

Since the birth of our movement, nightclubs, bars, community centers, and support groups have become an essential part of how we make lifelong friendships, fall in love, define our identity, celebrate our vibrant culture, and build political power.

The SF LGBT Center has been one of those treasured places in San Francisco. Join me in strengthening our home for generations to come!

August 2nd is Give OUT Day, a day where the LGBT community across the country is called upon to invest in places like the Center. You can make your donation starting today! Together we can create a stronger and healthier community.

Since it opened its doors in 2002, the Center has been providing direct services to those most in need and cultural programs to celebrate our history and diversity.

Your support helps more than:

• 5,000 people get linked to critical resources.

• 1,600 folks find employers, build skills to manage their debt, and learn how to buy their first home.

• 400 LGBTQ youth per year--many who are homeless--find the resources they need to thrive.

Please donate $10, $35, $50, or more now to fund these year-round services!

As we get ready for our 15th anniversary and eagerly await the finish of our renovations, I'm deeply thankful that you have helped us build and sustain a permanent home for our community.

PS: Your donation today enters you into a drawing to win a pair of tickets on Southwest Airlines to any of their published destinations within the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Contact Person: 
Rebecca Rolfe