Macho Menos - Art Exhibit

Macho Menos is a Latino queer slang play on the common Spanish phrase “mas o menos” which translates to “more or less”. This slang is used by Gay Latino men to claim their Queerness but to retain their machismo. The Macho Menos exhibition dissects and expands this term in order to examine the larger, complicated connections between queerness and machismo in Latino communities. Since birth Latinos have been taught to think in binary when it comes to gender. We cannot escape the masculine and feminine because the Spanish language is gendered. The featured artists in this art exhibition work with, against, or around gendered expectations of their respective Latino cultures. Their artwork investigates their relationship with “machismo” through the mediums of photography, painting, video, sculpture, textiles, performance and multi media. Their work explores the negotiation of the artist’s gender in relation to their Latino roots.

  • Macho Menos - Opening Art Reception: June 3rd
  • Curators: Alexander Hernandez/Rob Fatal
  • Location: SF LGBT Community Center
  • 1800 Market Street @ Octavia
  • 6pm-9pm
  • Facebook page for Exhibition Reception

    June 1- July 17 (Visual Art Exhibit)

    For more information on the exhibit and participating artists.

    Contact Person: 
    Felipe Flores