Employment Support

From resume review to negotiating a starting salary, the Center offers professional, tailored, and LGBT friendly support for job seekers to find the right job that suits their qualifications and meets their needs.

Participants have the opportunity to meet with an employment specialist who will review their goals, assess their needs and work with them to develop a concrete action plan to get back to work or advance in thieir career. Book an appointment with us today! 

Services include:

  • Identifying your goals, skill sets, and career interest
  • Supplement your job search activities
  • Discussing LGBT friendly employers, local trends, and opportunities
  • Referrals to computer and vocational training programs
  • Enrollment in job-related networking events and workshops
  • Connections to employers and additional employment resource partners 
  • Building your skills and creating strategies for developing job leads
  • Career counseling on how to successfully advance in your new job  

Contact: To participate in any of the programs outlined above, please contact the Center’s Employment Services program via email or by phone at (415) 865-5534.


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Employment Services

Prepare yourself to participate in the nation’s first Bi-Coastal LGBT Career Fair on October 17, 2012 at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center. The SF LGBT Center is partnering with the New York LGBT Center to provide a coast to coast celebration! Learn more and get your free ticket today!

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What's your vision - where do you see yourself in a year? 

By Eugenie FitzGerald, Director of Economic Development at the Center

February 22, 2013 

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LGBTQ people are our partners, friends, co-workers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbors and small business owners, but *supporters (or allies) are equally as diverse, and they can show up in about every aspect of our lives.
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Bring your business cards, work-related success/struggle stories and touch base with other professionals looking to advance in their field or network to a new one.
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